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In short articles, we give you insights into our everyday support for digitalization in teaching.

Electronic Exams

What happens during an e-exam with iPads? We are on the ground at the exam site.

Carrying Cases for Digital Presence Exams.

We provide interested teachers with Apple iPads, which are handed out to students in the lecture hall. A total of up to 100 devices are available for use in exams, including a keyboard or even a pen for handwritten entries.

The devices should arrive in the lecture hall safely and protected from heat – and then be as easy as possible to recharge and stow away. This requires a proper transport container, which we have designed and equipped ourselves.

Hardwareverleih-Lehre – How does it work?

We give you a look behind the scenes of our hardware rental: This is a portal where you can rent equipment for teaching. Our products range from microphones, document cameras, tablets to conferencing solutions.

We also offer consultations to help you find the right equipment for your unique teaching needs. We show you the steps from ordering to getting the equipment out from us, and how to get in touch with us.

New Server for JupyterHub/-Lab

Our admin has been On Tour: We accompanied him during the installation of a new server for the JupytherHub service. In JupyterLab program code can be written, documented and also executed.

Already in the projects R-Lab and Junosol Jupyter was used and corresponding tutorials were developed. The service is now also being used successfully in other courses.

Hybrid Teaching with Lecture2Go

One of the big topics that has kept us intensely busy for months is the question of how to make teaching as accessible as possible for everyone. Both, for students from home and for those in the lecture hall.

We looked over the shoulders of our student Sina Fani Sani, and on the subject of hybrid teaching, we want to show what technical and organizational challenges have to be overcome to achieve this.