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Digitization in Teaching

Welcome to the pages on Digitization in Teaching MIN (DL.MIN, formerly eLearning Office MIN). Here you will find our IT services, guides and projects of the DL.MIN department of the MIN Faculty of Studies.

For more information, visit the MIN Dean’s Office pages.

Also feel free to visit us on Github to see our technical publications.

Our IT Services

  • Logo Moodle Moodle

    Course rooms with tools for communication and collaboration in a comprehensive learning management system.

  • Logo Jupyter Jupyter

    Web-based development environment for various programming languages (C, C++, Python, R, Bash, Gnuplot and Dot) with evaluation.

  • Logo Nextcloud Nextcloud

    File storage and groupware solution for collaborative work with various tools, such as Collabora.

  • Logo Zammad Zammad

    Helpdesk and issue tracking system for handling support cases and requests.

  • Camera set with bag, lens and light Hardwareverleih Lehre

    Rental platform for use in teaching.

  • Scheme of a camera screen Streaming

    Server infrastructure for web-based video streams suitable for (educational) events.


  • #10

    [DE] Dynamic Visualizations: Examples and Use in Teaching
    Behind the Scenes: DL.MIN Stop-Motion Workshop
    Guests: Katrin Singer and Abdelkrim Fertahi on project-based work in the "Critical Cartography" seminar

  • #09

    [DE] E-Exams With the iPad
    Moodle Tip: Moodle 4.0 – We present the new version of our MIN-Moodle
    Net Discovery: Learn programming playfully

  • #08

    [DE] Safe(r) Into the Summer Break: Tips or More Security on the Computer
    Moodle Tip: Closing courses in MIN-Moodle
    Net Discovery: TALK: A dialogue day on teaching

Our Guides

Our Video Production Portfolio