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  • Cell division Copy, backup and restore Moodle courses

    This tutorial shows how to create a backup of a course in MIN-Moodle and restore it as a course copy in another course area / semester.

  • Person moving and dragging boxes Creating and setting up Moodle courses

    This tutorial shows you how to create a course room in MIN Moodle and how to set it up and configure it.

  • People stand around in small groups Groups in Moodle

    This tutorial will teach you the basics of working with groups in Moodle.

  • Person writes a term paper and ponders [DE] Assessment in Moodle

    This script introduces the different ways to assess and to evaluate students.

  • A human hand adjusts a transistor radio [DE] Communication in Moodle

    Moodle provides instructors with various communication channels. In this digital script, the asynchronous activities messages and notifications are presented.

  • Bulletin board with notices [DE] Forums in Moodle

    Moodle provides instructors with a powerful forum for asynchronous communication. It can be configured for different tasks. Besides, there is a plugin for overflow style Q&A forums.

  • Glowing 'ON AIR' sign [DE] BigBlueButton in Moodle

    For synchronous communication, the BigBlueButton web meeting service is integrated into Moodle. So you can easily start webmeetings from a course room and communicate there in real time via video chat and screenshare.

  • Handwritten mathematical formula (integral) [DE] Formula input in Moodle

    In Moodle, mathematical equations can also be inserted and displayed via TeX input.

  • Snail shell [DE] Take Home Exam with Moodle

    Moodle supports THEs in various ways: in organization, methodological design and documentation.

Video Conferencing

  • Large display with camera and microphone are integrated in BigBlueButton [DE] Hybrid Meetings via Web Conferencing System

    This tutorial describes step-by-step how to conduct hybrid web meetings using a web conferencing system.

  • Desk with a computer, microphone and webcam [DE] Best practices in video conferencing

    In this tutorial, we will show some best practices in video conferencing. Basically, all these suggestions have the goal of making the videoconference as pleasant as possible for all participants.

  • Screenshot of OBS Studio [DE] Recording lectures with OBS Studio

    This tutorial will show you how to configure OBS to successfully record lectures on your computer.

  • Drawing of film tapes cut with scissors. [DE] Editing videos with Avidemux

    You have a video recording and want to redefine the beginning and the end of the video or divide a longer recording into several shorter sequences?

  • Screenshot of Zoom webclient [DE] Minitutorial Zoom

    With Zoom, you can quickly and easily conduct video conferences, sharing your screen or a presentation and exchanging ideas via a chat function.

  • Aligned document camera with open notebook [DE] IPEVO Document Camera

    A document camera offers many possible uses. Its ability to transmit a live feed, take photos and record videos makes it versatile, e.g. as a scanner or whiteboard replacement.

Digital Tools