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The monthly broadcast of the Digitization in Teaching MIN (DL.MIN) team on interesting topics in the field of digital teaching and learning.

The broadcasts always take place on the first Monday of the month at 3:00 ㏘.
Thus, the next date is June 6, 2022 at 3:00 ㏘.


Past broadcasts

  • #06

    [DE] ZOOM and Livestream in Comparison
    Streaming from the Home Office #03: Audio and Video Filters
    Moodle Tip: Participant certificates in Moodle

  • #05

    [DE] Streaming from the Home Office #02: The many features of OBS
    MINtern: Our hardware rental

  • #04

    [DE] Streaming from the Home Office #01: Which Equipment makes it look better?
    Admin on Tour: The Installation of the New Jupyter Server
    Tool Tip: Using text modules with the Clippings plugin
    Net Discovery: Jöran's "penguin media metaphor"

  • #03

    [DE] Collaborative Writingtools
    Net Discovery: Audit culture
    Tool Tip: Icons under CC License

  • #02

    [DE] From the Lecture Hall to the Web
    Tool Tip: Audiosoftware Audacity
    Moodle Tip: Atto Editor

  • #01

    [DE] Handwritten Presentation
    Tooltip: ARSNova
    Moodle Tip: Enrolling students